Fullstack developer & Growth Marketer

I help entrepreneurs and startup founders to launch their products and reach their sales goals online

I've helped from Small startups to Forbes top companies to reach their Product and Sales goals.


About me

I'm Emiliano Potignano A Software Developer and Growth Marketer with proven track-record of 7 years in Software and 4 years in marketing generating several Millions of USD in Revenue for my customers

I'm a Software developer that is passionate about Direct Response Marketing and Growth Marketing, with a background of more than seven years in Software Development. As a Developer, I've worked for top companies worldwide. I've become a Digital Marketer four years ago, following curiosity and learning to deeply understand and connect with customers to offer value to their lives, leading to growing revenue profit in a virtuous and honest way.Today I spend my time helping Real Estate Companies and Leading E-commerce companies to deploy their products to the market, reach their sales goals and be profitable since customer acquisition, investing from +5K to +500K USD a month.

Invested online
Generated revenue

Know some of thecompanies with whom I'veworked to create a positive impact

From small businesses, early stage & growing startups to million dollar companies & corporations with a global reach

Maximus Tribe
TDOT Performance
Escuela Gourmet Online
Atacama Inmocapital
Onix Living
Punta del Mar Cancun
Grupo Agua de Mar
Gobierno de durango

Do not take the word from me

We grew and improved our product with his ideas and good practices
Emiliano has contributed to stabilize and grow our company TryLikes a lot! He is always looking for the best solution, architecture and best practices without losing the commercial focus of the projects, that allowed us to improve and serve our companies. So I can say that he is a key player in the growth of any company, don’t matter how complex the challenges could be. I’m very happy with his collaboration within the team.
Michel Poulejin - Project Manager - Trylikes
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Emiliano is an extremely skilled performance marketer
Emiliano is an extremely skilled performance marketer and an expert on the Pinterest platform and of Pinterest product offerings. He makes strategic decisions and drive profitable returns for his campaigns day in and day out. Emiliano takes challenges on head first and seeks out answers as well as growth opportunities. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and cares so deeply for the business and driving it forward.
Miranda Severance - Partner Manager - Pinterest
The first person that really helped us to launch and reach our sales goals
After trying many companies, where they all offer the same, Community Management, Facebook Ads, etc., in short, the same as always, Emiliano brought us cutting edge technologies with unique creative insights that helped us to get fantastic conversion rates, and now we are getting better results while investing much less money. We now have clarity and processes to make decisions and obtain great ROI for our campaigns
Ricardo Pineda - Marketing Director - Inzigna Capital & Attik Tulum
Cancun, Mexico
Emiliano will bring a strategic mindset, curiosity, and diligence to ensure success!
His willingness to test and learn, be a first mover for new products, and understanding of the nuances and value between multiple channels made him a valuable asset for the brand as well as in a partner with us. With Shapermint, he brought with him a fresh idea to test new ad formats and positive messaging that impacted more efficient performance.
Ariel Kao - Partnerships - Pinterest
Emiliano is the definition of a Growth Hacker
Emiliano is the definition of a Growth Hacker. He leverages his skill set and coding background to literally "hack" through performance marketing methods. I've seen him achieve results very fast using unconventional coding methods. With a positive attitude, a knack for sharing knowledge, and great player, he's hands down one of the best talents I've had the pleasure to work beside
Luis Fernando Sánchez - Retention Growth Hacker - Shapermint
Irvine, USA
We hire him to help us to grow our products in Mexico, now we are expanding on Spain and Panama together
For our company, our websites and social networks were just a must-have tool, but never a real sales tool. We achieved a sales record when we launched one of our new products to market together, and we are now working with them to develop a global positioning strategy in our three main markets, Panama, Mexico and Spain.
Antonio Jimenez Raya - General Director - Atacama Inmocapital Corp.
Madrid, Spain

I never reinvent the wheel, I promise.
My main focusis to increase your ROI

In order to increase your ROI, I heavily invest into certifications, courses and always trying to be at the top of the professional pyramid to give you the best value


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