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How to hack your marketing copy with in 5 simple steps

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What if you can connect your brain directly to a supercomputer powered by the most advanced AI in the world to create your marketing copy? Well, this is what does for you, and this is the process that allows me to create amazing marketing copy in x10 less time.
[][1] is one of the most amazing and impactful tools that I’ve discovered this year, after playing with it for some days these are the lessons that I’ve learned, and let’s take a look at a real-world example.
The task: I’m creating as a side project one Real Estate Agency that allows our customers to buy properties in record time, we work to get the data well-organized, hand-picking the best and more secures projects and streamlining what is usually a chaotic process into a smooth and harmonic experience, so I needed to create a copy for easily explain to investors what we do, so I used this task to give to a try.
1. Pick up a structure is good and magic but is much more powerful when you give the AI a structure with clear components. There are several frameworks that allow you to achieve that. My favorite framework to create clear communication is Donald Miller’s SB7 Framework, which is an amazing way to clarify your communication, and I love to use these storyboards as the base to express in very clear and engaging ways my business to customers,
Note: I’ve used it extensively to run even some M USD campaigns in Youtube and Pinterest, for video scripting, sales page copy, etc, and they have this amazing tool if you want to use it as an starting point. Anyway, you can pick up any framework that you like.
2. Pick up your angle shines when you feed it with a very concise and descriptive message and also seems to pick up your tone. So is a very good idea if you can pick up two to three angles for that. For my case I’ve picked up: Direct Angle & Painful because I’m a fan of Direct Response Copywriting .
I recommend if you can take the course from
Also, I will recommend that you can choose among tools so if you can’t pick up your angle, or you want to see how your copy looks like in other frameworks, you can preview them as AIDA, Pain-Agitate-Solution, Before-After-Bridge, among others.
3. Choose your tool
After you’ve picked up your core-message structure and copy angle, pick up a tool, for example, Blog Intro is the one that I’ve chosen for this task, because getting a good intro is what makes the audience continue reading your Sales Page, Blog Post, or Email, and after testing some of the tools that provides, this one was the one that reflected more my intentions for my current task, but you can play and choose anything that works for you.
Toolbar of [][1]
Toolbar of [][1]
4. Play around and save your winner candidates!
For my task, I’ve used:
Title: We are here to relieve your pain when buying a property in the Mayan Riviera
Input: Buying a property in the Mayan Riviera is a mess because you have to contact 1 Internal seller per project of your interest, which leads to a very inconsistent buying experience. You will panic when you get full of pushy salespeople bombarding you with random information that makes it impossible to take an informed and conscious decision, making you feel full of frustration.
Example Output
Example Output
5. Polish it and publish!
I’ve run this tool a thousand times, each time I ran it, I still think that is totally insane the number of good ideas and value that you get! After running it and getting several good ideas, you can click on the View Saved Tab and you can copy and paste these ideas in your favorite editor to polish your drafts and show your awesome work to the world.
This is my final outcome:
My final results
My final results
Conclusion will likely not replace a Copywriter nor a Marketer, I think of the tool as a power-up when you have dominated the basics and understand your product to communicate the benefits to your customer. I think the more you know your customers the more you can leverage this tool.
I’ve will use it extensively to get ideas and sort my thoughts to get creative drafts in x10 less time and with 10 mins of polishing, get a complete copy and idea.
I cannot end to be amazed by the power of such an awesome tool! If you liked this article I will appreciate it a lot if you share it!

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