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Why Twitter Ads?

Twitter is an amazing platform for your brand and content, it literally changed my life forever. It is well known to be a platform that has top-notch professionals, entrepreneurs, and easy access to high-paying markets, plus super good organic reach and very-low costs for Ads. A perfect mix for growth.
I like to think about it as if it were Facebook ten years ago, a massive opportunity to leverage and change your life.
When Twitter changed CEO this week, the first thing they released was a HUGE Promote button, you can imagine how early and how unused this feature is in the platform.
A huge and ugly promote button
A huge and ugly promote button
If Twitter has an amazing Organic reach, why use Ads for your products? Think it as a very cheap way to increase the impact of your work, if you have a very defined user persona, a good product and a very defined niche for your product, is super easy, effective and cheap to target them in Twitter, with costs that on peak times (Like Black Friday - Cyber Monday) that in other platforms skyrocket the costs, in Twitter remains being cheap, as a quick example, in Facebook during BFCM I had Cost per Thousand reach (CPM) up to 130 USD while in twitter never was higher that 7 USD)

How to create a successful paid campaign in Twitter

The downside of Twitter Ads is that it is not as mature as Facebook Ads or Google Ads, so I had to spend some time pouring around and using some money in a not very efficient way to map my Facebook Ads  knowledge to Twitter Ads. Those are my learning, so you don’t waste time and money learning them.
Configuring the Twitter Pixel Event.
In Twitter, you have to be very careful when setting events, because one of the points that are not specified clearly is that if you use the Universal Tracking events they will not allow you to create Custom and Retargeting Audiences, so be careful because one of the main points that can help you to boost the performance of your campaigns is to configure Retargeting properly to reach your most warm prospects.
Another important point is that Twitter is good Optimizing to just one Custom event, so I suggest that you start with some events of good Volume (for example, Site visit or Sign Up) and get some good audiences there to switch to purchase later.
If you want to target a very specific Custom Event (Chat interaction, Phone Button Click, etc.) you can create a Custom Event and inserting the code will make the trick to have your
Pixel Event Config
Pixel Event Config
After creating the event, just copy and paste the code in each page that you need to track!


Interest Targeting
Interest targeting is good as in other platforms, makes easy to reach people that could be interested in the products that we sell, the configuration is pretty straight-forward.
Follower look-alikes Targeting
I think this is the option that makes this platform If you have a very niche product, it is an amazingly efficient way to create Audiences with some well-known influencers of the segment that you’re aiming to! This will make you very easy to leverage on their audiences, helping you to reach very well qualified audiences with a minimal effort.
Follower Look-alikes Targeting is amazing!
Follower Look-alikes Targeting is amazing!
Pixel Audiences
For Pixel Audiences creation, you need to have a well configured Conversion Event, this part is tricky because is something that I’ve learnt with time, so be careful of always being setting it correctly. And of all the powerful platforms, the Pixel Audiences are the ones that you want to nurture, because is where the most efficient targeting is.
Custom Audience from Pixel!
Custom Audience from Pixel!
Wrap Up
I think that is very valuable on those chaotic time with Privacy Wars to diversify your ads strategies, while relaying in Facebook in Google has been comfortable and helped to generate millions of USD in revenue, it is very important for the 2022 to try and discover new platforms, and a super well-curated platform as Twitter makes a huge opportunity for those that wants to sell premium products. If you want to discover the opportunities that Pinterest offers for D2C brand, check my other article here

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