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Top 5 Pinterest Ads Best Practices to create winning prospecting campaigns

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5 Best practices creating Profitable Acquisition Campaigns with Pinterest Ads.

Discover 5 best practices creating profitable Acquisition campaigns on Pinterest Ads That I've learned after invest +4M USD in Pinterest on 2020
Why advertise on Pinterest?
Pinterest is like Facebook in 2009, is easy to configure, you get massive distribution, with quality traffic in an entirely positive environment at a lower price than in other channels.
1. Have your buyer persona in mind and segment their interests with clarity:
Don't run a campaign if you don't have clear in your mind to whom you're aiming to
Don't run a campaign if you don't have clear in your mind to whom you're aiming to
Choosing the right audience for your Ad starts with your buyer persona. Selecting their interests and age range will make your campaigns much more efficient. To collect data to analyze is a great idea to have one Ad Group with diverse interests. If you want to have multiple Ad Groups Divided by Categorized Audience Interests, I recommend you configure at least seven Audience Interests per Ad Group.
Properly segment your audience to maximize your results
Properly segment your audience to maximize your results
2. Properly configure your Pinterest Tag in your site to optimize your conversion Goals
Configuring your Pinterest Tag is a game-changer for optimizing your campaigns. Having the right setup will help Pinterest to optimize your campaign budget
3. Set a Cost Cap per Conversion at least for your first two weeks.
Pinterest is a very noble platform, but many customers complained about inefficient ad spend before they knew this trick. Never Ever. Let. Pinterest. Automatic. Bid. When you start to run a campaign. When you leave the Automatic Bid Activated when the Pinterest Algorithm is in Learning Phase, I guarantee you will waste your money. When the Algorithm learns to optimize your campaign into your audience for the selected Conversion target, it is safe to activate. Auto Bidding, and you will see your campaigns scaling while maintaining a good CPA.
Remember, for point 2 and 3. Don't bet to luck
Remember, for point 2 and 3. Don't bet to luck
Quick Tip 1: Setup your cost per conversion at least 20% above your goal. i.e. if your target CPA is 10, set up for 12.
Quick Tip 2: If possible, set up your campaigns for a Conversion Window of 7/7/1. Going with the default conversion could distort your metrics a lot and don't allow you to take investment decisions.
4. Run at least 5 Ads per Ad Group
To help Pinterest optimize your ads more efficiently, run at least 5 different Ads in each Ad Group you create.
5. Take into account the Pinterest time zone in GMT to don't waste your ads budget (This is the underrated but tremendously important tip)
Know the secret that most people ignore and could be one of the biggest causes of waste money on campaigns. Pinterest starts its day on GMT, so if you're activating your campaign close to Pinterest day restart, you risk wasting all your budget in few hours. I.e., if you're starting at 3 pm of GMT-3, You're giving the order to Pinterest to spend your daily budget in just 6 hours, and this can cause that the Algorithm doesn't learn to convert during the next few days, and this can cause the ruin of your campaign. Be careful with this one, it is very tricky, but if you're running campaigns for +1K per day could be a deadly trap.
Pinterest has a fantastic demographic if you're running campaigns for a D2C brand with women in mind. Also is a super noble tool to get running exportable tests in a cheaper way that Pinterest could use to create scalable campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
Without a doubt, Pinterest is a fantastic place to run ads in 2021.
Competition is very low. Demographics is very focused. Interest improved a ton. People are willing to be inspired and buy from your brand. There is not much competition there right now.

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